Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Beer Thursday May 19, 2011

We're back at it again. Happy American Craft Beer Week!

Boulder - Hoopla Pale Ale 22oz (New/Seasonal?)
BeerAdvocate: [not yet listedRateBeer: [not enough reviews]

Boulevard - Smokestack Series Two Jokers Double Wit 750ml (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: A-  RateBeer: 95

The Bruery - 3rd Anniversary Cuir 750ml (New/Limited)
BeerAdvocate: A-  RateBeer: 98 [not rated under Cuir but Coton(98)]
[Lukas Liquor Release: Saturday May 21 @ 2:00pm]

The Bruery/Cigar City - Collaboration Series Marron Acidifie 750ml (New/Limited)
BeerAdvocate: A-  RateBeer: 99
[Lukas Liquor Release: Saturday May 21 @ 2:00pm]

The Bruery - Tradewinds 750ml (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: 95

Full Sail - Old Boardhead Barleywine '11 22oz (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: 99

Russian River - Pliny the Elder (bottled date: 5/4/11)
BeerAdvocate: A+  RateBeer: 100
[Lukas Liquor Release: Saturday May 21 @ 2:00pm]

Santa Fe - Freestyle Pilsner 12oz six-pack Cans (New/Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: A-  RateBeer:  [not enough reviews]


  1. another great week! can't wait until saturday. any word on NB Abbey GRAND Cru? I saw you only had SUPER Cru on the shelf last week.

  2. No news yet of Abbey Grand Cru. I'm hoping we see it the first week in June. I've been assured that it is coming but NB is not the most reliable. Also say they are going to release these Two new L.O.F. beers. I love me some Clutch so it is rad the Collaboration is going to be a sour!