Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Beer: Thursday April 28, 2011

After last week's lull in new beer/seasonals, this week is big. Some of these have been around for a few weeks so I apologize. Just passing information as it becomes available to me.

Boulevard - Boss Tom's Golden Bock 12oz six-pack (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B  RateBeer: 44

Cisco Brewers - Grey Lady 22oz (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B  RateBeer: 70

New Belgium - Somersault 12oz six/twelve-pack (New/Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: [not enough reviews]

Odell - St. Lupulin 12oz six-pack (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: A-  RateBeer: 92

Redhook - Pilsner 12oz six-pack (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B-  RateBeer:[not enough reviews]

Russian River - Pliny the Elder  500ml (Bottled: 04/04/11)
[Release at Lukas Liquor: Friday 4/29 at 4:00pm]
BeerAdvocate: A+  RateBeer: 100

Russian River - Salvation 375ml (New/Limited)
[Release at Lukas Liquor: Friday 4/29 at 4:00pm]
BeerAdvocate: A-  RateBeer: 99

Shiner - Ruby Redbird 12oz six/twelve-pack (New/Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: C+  RateBeer: 34

Shipyard - Double Old Thumper 22oz (New/Limited)
BeerAdvocate: B-  RateBeer: 49

Shipyard - Summer Ale 12oz six-pack (New/Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: C+  RateBeer: 30

Tallgrass - Ale 16oz four-pack Cans (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B  RateBeer: 45

Tallgrass - Buffalo Sweat 16oz four-pack Cans (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B  RateBeer: 77

Tallgrass - IPA 16oz four-pack Cans (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B  RateBeer: 72

Tallgrass - Oasis 16oz four-pack Cans (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: 92

Uinta/Four + - Sum'R 12oz six-pack (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: 50

Widmer - Galaxy Hopped Barleywine Brothers Reserve Series 22oz (New/Limited)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: [not enough reviews]

Side Notes: Some new glassware has been floating around, including Dogfish Head stemmed goblets and Lagunitas mason jars. Also if you enjoy kegs, Ska Modus Hoperandi, Stone IPA, and Boulevard Tank 7 are now available in 5 gallon (1/6 barrel) kegs.

Have info you want to share? Email me Name and specifics are appreciated.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Beer: Thursday April 21, 2011

It's a short, short list this week. Next week looks a lot more promising.

Fort Collins - The Incredible Hop - Imperial  India Red Ale 22oz (New/Limited)
BeerAdvocate: (not yet listed)  Ratebeer: (not yet rateable)

Left Hand - Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout 22oz (Not barrel or Oak Aged)
BeerAdvocate: (not yet listed as Wake Up Dead)  RateBeer: (not yet listed as Wake Up Dead)

Side Note: I visited Amato's, Breckenridge Brewery's newest beer bar/restaurant venture in The Highlands, recently. I was impressed. The food was good and the beer list good. The real draw is the upstairs patio. It overlooks downtown and has a central gas fire-pit. Prices were on par for food and beers and the selection for both was pretty solid. Killer artichoke/spinach dip.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beer News:

Since starting this blog last week it's been interesting watching all the hits. I hope I can (hopefully with the help of others) keep up with this blog and keep providing useful information.

What I learned this week:
Odell Brewing's Hivaranno (American Wild Ale) will be released in the next 2-3 weeks (Store release date(s) coming soon). Odell has also move their much loved St. Lupulin into bottling and it should be here in the next week or two.

Crabtree has an interesting beer coming soon in celebration of the breweries 5th anniversary. Only 40 (twelve 750ml corked and caged bottles) cases were produced of a Belgian Abbey style ale brewed with coriander and dried orange peel then barrel aged in Cabernet barrels for the last 12 months with an addition of caramelized raisins (caramelized in house by hand). The allocations will be sparse but it sounds like Jeff has more things like this in his plans.

Boulevard will bring Saison Brett back this year. It is still 2-3 weeks out from hitting the market and as always will be limited.

Stone Imperial Russian Stout with and without the Belgian yeast and Anise is looking at a 2-3 week release from now.

Redhook will not continue with its Limited seasonal bomber series. Widmer will. Goose Island has promised us 2 rotating seasonal bombers year round (Including Bourbon County). We'll see how well they hold to that.

Tomorrow: New Beers list

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Additions to New Beer Thursday April 14, 2011

Just a couple more things I forgot to mention.

Anchor - Summer Beer 12oz six-pack (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B-  RateBeer: 33

Rogue - Chatoe Series OREgasmic Ale 22oz (Not really sure... It's been here before but I don't know if the distributor received more or just had some left over?)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: 92

News: I talked with our Sierra Nevada rep and learned that the Ovila Abbey Ales are something that may not return. We will get all three styles over the course of this year but if the styles will return again or if the Ovila name will stick around next year seems shady. Seems like a lot of promotional money was spent on something that may not stick around. There will be 500 cases of the Beer Boot Camp Sampler 12oz twelve-pack coming in the next couple months so there should be plenty to go 'round.

New Beer List Thursday April 14, 2011

Cantillon - Fou Foune 750ml (Rare) BeerAdvocate: ARateBeer: 99 [do to the rarity of this beer bottles (6 of them) will be put on shelves at Lukas Liquor in the "Bomb Shelter" at 4:00pm today, Thursday April 14. Please be mindful as many others are looking for this beer]

Goose Island - Pepe Nero 22oz (New/Seasonal?)
BeerAdvocate: BRateBeer: 94

Goose Island - Sofie 2011 22oz (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: A-RateBeer: 98

Napa Smith - Lost Dog Red 12oz four-pack (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B- RateBeer: 64

Napa Smith - Organic IPA 12oz four-pack (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B-RateBeer: 89

Napa Smith - Pale Ale 12oz four-pack (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B-RateBeer: 42

Odell - Double Pilsner 12oz four-pack (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B+RateBeer: 65

Stella Artois - Stella Artois 14.9oz ten-pack cans (New Package)
BeerAdvocate: C+, RateBeer: 18

News: CDC (Coors Distributing Company) has decided to stop bringing Flying Dog four-packs to the state. This means no more Gonzo, Horn Dog, Kerberos etc and no more of the Seasonal six-packs with the exception of the Summer. Newcastle Summer Ale six-packs will be back again with re-formulated liquid. Tallgrass Brewing Co. out of Manhattan Kansas is already available in the Northern part of the state and will be in the Southern suburbs in the next couple weeks.

Check back soon as I will be updating as much as possible.