Thursday, April 14, 2011

Additions to New Beer Thursday April 14, 2011

Just a couple more things I forgot to mention.

Anchor - Summer Beer 12oz six-pack (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B-  RateBeer: 33

Rogue - Chatoe Series OREgasmic Ale 22oz (Not really sure... It's been here before but I don't know if the distributor received more or just had some left over?)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: 92

News: I talked with our Sierra Nevada rep and learned that the Ovila Abbey Ales are something that may not return. We will get all three styles over the course of this year but if the styles will return again or if the Ovila name will stick around next year seems shady. Seems like a lot of promotional money was spent on something that may not stick around. There will be 500 cases of the Beer Boot Camp Sampler 12oz twelve-pack coming in the next couple months so there should be plenty to go 'round.


  1. the Chatoe Rogue OREgasmic Ale is a new batch.

  2. Thank you for the clarification. I just wasn't sure.