Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Beer: Thursday April 28, 2011

After last week's lull in new beer/seasonals, this week is big. Some of these have been around for a few weeks so I apologize. Just passing information as it becomes available to me.

Boulevard - Boss Tom's Golden Bock 12oz six-pack (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B  RateBeer: 44

Cisco Brewers - Grey Lady 22oz (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B  RateBeer: 70

New Belgium - Somersault 12oz six/twelve-pack (New/Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: [not enough reviews]

Odell - St. Lupulin 12oz six-pack (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: A-  RateBeer: 92

Redhook - Pilsner 12oz six-pack (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B-  RateBeer:[not enough reviews]

Russian River - Pliny the Elder  500ml (Bottled: 04/04/11)
[Release at Lukas Liquor: Friday 4/29 at 4:00pm]
BeerAdvocate: A+  RateBeer: 100

Russian River - Salvation 375ml (New/Limited)
[Release at Lukas Liquor: Friday 4/29 at 4:00pm]
BeerAdvocate: A-  RateBeer: 99

Shiner - Ruby Redbird 12oz six/twelve-pack (New/Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: C+  RateBeer: 34

Shipyard - Double Old Thumper 22oz (New/Limited)
BeerAdvocate: B-  RateBeer: 49

Shipyard - Summer Ale 12oz six-pack (New/Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: C+  RateBeer: 30

Tallgrass - Ale 16oz four-pack Cans (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B  RateBeer: 45

Tallgrass - Buffalo Sweat 16oz four-pack Cans (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B  RateBeer: 77

Tallgrass - IPA 16oz four-pack Cans (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B  RateBeer: 72

Tallgrass - Oasis 16oz four-pack Cans (New/Year-Round)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: 92

Uinta/Four + - Sum'R 12oz six-pack (Seasonal)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: 50

Widmer - Galaxy Hopped Barleywine Brothers Reserve Series 22oz (New/Limited)
BeerAdvocate: B+  RateBeer: [not enough reviews]

Side Notes: Some new glassware has been floating around, including Dogfish Head stemmed goblets and Lagunitas mason jars. Also if you enjoy kegs, Ska Modus Hoperandi, Stone IPA, and Boulevard Tank 7 are now available in 5 gallon (1/6 barrel) kegs.

Have info you want to share? Email me Name and specifics are appreciated.

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