Thursday, February 28, 2013

Special Releases: Saturday March 2, 2013

Special Releases: Saturday March 2, 2013 @ 2:00 p.m.

Dogfish Head - Immort Ale (Occasional/Limited)
12oz Four-Pack Bottles  11.00%  American Strong Ale w/Juniper and Maple Syrup

Stone - Old Guardian Oak Smoked (New/Limited)
22oz Single Bottle  11.40%  Barleywine Oak Smoked
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: 91

Victory - White Monkey (New/Limited)
750ml Single Bottle  9.50%  Barrel-Aged Belgian-Style Golden Ale
RateBeer: [not listed]  BeerAdvocate: [not listed]

New Beer: Thursday February 28, 2013

Whoa! Beer is here. It's a good one this week too!

12oz Six-Pack Bottles  4.20%  Premium Lager w/Strawberry

Backcountry - Amber (New Package/Year-Round)
12oz Six-Pack Bottles  5.40%  Amber Ale

Backcountry - Pale Ale (New Package/Year-Round)
12oz Six-Pack Bottles  5.60%  American Pale Ale

Backcountry - Pilsner (New/Year-Round)
12oz Six-Pack Bottles  4.70%  German-Style Pilsner

Backcountry - Porter (New Package/Year-Round)
12oz Six-Pack Bottles  6.00%  Porter

Backcountry - Wheat (New Package/Year-Round)
12oz Six-Pack Bottles  4.60%  American Wheat Ale

12oz Six-Pack Bottles  5.60%  Belgian-Style Pale Ale
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

12oz Six-Pack Bottles  5.20%  Cream Ale w/Orange Blossom

750ml Single Bottle  7.50%  India Pale Ale w/Maple Syrup
RateBeer: 99  BeerAdvocate: 93

Paradox - [Paradox of Tao] The Yang (New/Limited-1200 Bottles Produced)
750ml Single Bottle  7.00%  Barrel-Aged White Ale w/Brettanomyces,
Cardomom, Coriander, Rose Hips, Sweet and Bitter Orange Peel
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [not listed]

Paradox - [Paradox of Tao] The Yin (New/Limited-1200 Bottles Produced)
750ml Single Bottle  7.00%  Barrel-Aged Wild Black Ale
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [not listed]

750ml Single Bottle  5.30%  You guessed it!

Sierra Nevada - Bigfoot (Seasonal/New Package/Limited)
12oz Four-Pack Bottles  9.60%  Barleywine

Stone - Old Guardian 2013 (Seasonal/Limited)
22oz Single Bottles  11.60%  Barleywine

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Special Release: Saturday February 23, 2013

Special Release: Saturday February 23, 2012 @ 2:00 p.m.

Firestone Walker - Sucaba 2013 (Seasonal/Limited)
22oz Single  12.50%  Barrel-Aged Barleywine
RateBeer: 100  BeerAdvocate: 100

River North - Anniversary Ale No. 1 (New/Limited - 120 cases bottled)
22oz Single  12.50%  Imperial Stout
RateBeer: [not listed]  BeerAdvocate: [not listed]

Sierra Nevada - Barrel-Aged Bigfoot (New/Limited - 20 cases in CO)
750ml Single  12.20%  Barrel-Aged Barleywine

Sierra Nevada's Barrel-Aged Bigfoot has been the most highly searched for and requested beers so far this year. We at Lukas are lucky enough to be one of only 20 stores in the state to receive this "beast". We have received only twelve bottles. The first TEN bodies in line are guaranteed ONE bottle. We might do some crawling around "The Attic" to find something to help the inevitable sad faces. 
Smile... it's just beer.

New Beer: Thursday February 21, 2013

It's a small list after all.

12oz Twelve-Pack  5.70%  India Pale Ale

12oz Four-Pack  7.80%  Extra Special Bitter

Crooked Stave - Surette Provision Saison (New/It's Back?/Limited?)
375ml Single  6.20%  Barrel Aged Saison

Friday, February 15, 2013

Special Releases: Saturday Feb. 16 @ 2:00 p.m.

Special Releases: Saturday Feb 16 @ 2:00 p.m.

750ml Single  7.80%  Sour Rye Ale Aged in Oak Barrels

750ml Single  8.40%  Imperial Porter w/ Vanilla and Cinnamon
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

New Beer: Friday Feb. 15, 2013

Nukes, meteors, and Imperials, what is this world coming to?

750ml Single  9.20%  Belgian-Style Abbey Tripel
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

22oz Single  9.30%  Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Porter

22oz Single  9.30%  Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Marble - Oatmeal Stout (New/Seasonal?)
12oz Six-Pack  5.80%  Oatmeal Stout

Murphy's - Stout (New Package)
14.9oz Ten-Pack Cans  4.00%  Dry Stout

22oz Single  9.20%  Imperial India Pale Ale

22oz Single  10.00%  Belgian-Style Quadrupel w/ Date and Coffee Cherries
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

22oz Single  6.00%  Sour Brown Ale

22oz Single  8.00%  Belgian Brewed/US Blended/Bottled Kriek

Odell - Amuste (New/Limited)
750ml Single  9.30%  Imperial Porter w/ grape juice Aged in wine Barrels
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

16oz Four-Pack Cans  5.50%  Golden Ale
RateBeer: 44  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

12oz Four-Pack  9.25%  Russian Imperial Stout

Wynkoop - Belgorado (New/Year-Round)
12oz Four-Pack Cans  6.70%  Belgian-Style Pale Ale

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We are going digital! Big news on the horizon for all of you who follow this Blog and have "SmartPhones"!

We received New Belgium's Lips of Faith on Monday. Official release news will be posted on Thursday.
2013 La Folie, Transatlantique Kriek, and  Cascara Quad in 22oz are on the shelf now! We are still waiting on the Triple. Also received Renegade 5:00 O'Clock Afternoon Ale in four-pack 16oz cans late last Friday. 

 Pliny came and went in less than 10 minutes after having almost 20 people in line at 2:00 p.m. Thank you to everyone who came out and for being polite! We'll be waiting another 4-6 weeks to get more in it appears. 

The next Dogfish Head truck is on its way and just might contain 120 Minute IPA and "a ton of 75 Minute IPA". Look for these in another week or two.

 Stone rumors to have the next batch of EnjoyBy coming our way. Of course it will be EnjoyBy 04/20/2013. Stoners rejoice. Also in the coming weeks we will see Old Guardian and in limited quantities the Odd Year variants. Also a small rumor of Ruination 10th Anniversary making another appearance.

 More rumors always floating around. 
Find out the truth when they actually show up.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Beer: Thursday, February 7, 2013 and Special Releases

Big Beers huh? Well, see ya later.

12oz Eighteen-Pack Cans  6.00%  Adjunct Lager

750ml Single  7.70%  Black Rye India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 92  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

12oz Six-Pack  5.00%  Light Lager w/Apple Flavor and Caramel Color

12oz Six-Pack  5.30%  Amber Lager

New Belgium - Dig (Seasonal)
12oz Six/Twelve-Pack  5.60%  American Pale Ale

22oz Single  9.30%  Russian Imperial Stout w/ Cocoa Nibs
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

Special Releases: Saturday February 9 @ 2:00 p.m. - No sooner.

750ml Single  9.50%  Barrel Aged Belgian-Style Dark Ale

16.9oz Single  8.00%  Imperial India Pale Ale

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Beer: Friday Feb. 01, 2013

A solid mix of new beers cruising in this week. 
No Russian River yet but we are patiently waiting unlike most.

750ml Single  12.00%  Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Ale

12oz Twelve-Pack Bottles  5.50%  Premium Lager

Dogfish Head - Noble Rot (Seasonal/Limited)
750ml Single  9.00%  Saison w/ wine grapes

750ml Single  11.00%  Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

12oz Six-Pack Bottles  5.50%  Red Ale

22oz Single  7.20%  Weizenbock
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

Lost Abbey - Serpent's Stout (Seasonal/Limited)
750ml Single  11.00%  Imperial Stout

750ml Single  8.50%  "Ameri-Belgo Double Bock Lager Brewed with 
Natural Flavor Aged in Wine Barrels - Bottle Conditioned"
RateBeer: [not listed]  BeerAdvocate: [not listed]

Renegade - Elevation (New/Year-Round?)
12oz Four-Pack Cans  11.00% "Triple India Pale Ale"

12oz Six-Pack Bottles  ?.??%  Saison/Farmhouse

12oz Six-Pack Bottles  5.29%  Belgian-Style Wheat w/ Cider