Friday, February 1, 2013

New Beer: Friday Feb. 01, 2013

A solid mix of new beers cruising in this week. 
No Russian River yet but we are patiently waiting unlike most.

750ml Single  12.00%  Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Ale

12oz Twelve-Pack Bottles  5.50%  Premium Lager

Dogfish Head - Noble Rot (Seasonal/Limited)
750ml Single  9.00%  Saison w/ wine grapes

750ml Single  11.00%  Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
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12oz Six-Pack Bottles  5.50%  Red Ale

22oz Single  7.20%  Weizenbock
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Lost Abbey - Serpent's Stout (Seasonal/Limited)
750ml Single  11.00%  Imperial Stout

750ml Single  8.50%  "Ameri-Belgo Double Bock Lager Brewed with 
Natural Flavor Aged in Wine Barrels - Bottle Conditioned"
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Renegade - Elevation (New/Year-Round?)
12oz Four-Pack Cans  11.00% "Triple India Pale Ale"

12oz Six-Pack Bottles  ?.??%  Saison/Farmhouse

12oz Six-Pack Bottles  5.29%  Belgian-Style Wheat w/ Cider

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