Friday, December 9, 2011

New Beer: Friday Dec. 9, 2011

Late, but done.
My MW3 addiction is getting in the way.
Sorry folks... I'm trying.

Avery - Mephistopheles' (Seasonal/Limited)
12oz Single  16.43%  Imperial Stout
[Lukas Liquor Release: Saturday Dec. 10 @ 2:00pm]

750ml Single  7.00%  Belgian Strong Pale

341ml Single  9.80%  Barleywine

750ml Single  7.20%  Belgian-Style Ale
BeerAdvocate: [not yet listed]  RateBeer: [not yet listed]

750ml Single  9.00%  Belgian-Style Strong Dark

750ml Single  9.50%  Belgian-Style Golden

Ridgeway - Elf Series (Seasonal/See below)
(Bad Elf, Very Bad Elf, Criminally Bad Elf, Lump of Coal, Reindeer Droppings, and Santa's Butt)

Rogue - Old Crustacean [Ceramic bottles] (Seasonal)
750ml Single  11.50%  Barleywine

Serafijn - Christmas Angel (New/Seasonal/Limited)
750ml Single  8.00%  Belgian Strong Pale

22oz Single  9.00%  Imperial Pumpkin Ale

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