Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Cheers Goodbye, A Cheers Hello: We need to fill a void.

One of our long-time friends and resident beers hooligans is leaving us. He is moving up in the world and working closer to home. We raise our glasses to Matt for all he has done over the years here at Lukas Liquor. We applaud his devotion to us and you, the consumers. As friends we will keep in touch and continue clinking our glasses in Cheers. As co-workers, we need to fill the gap.

 As part of a store-wide team, our three-man beer department requires some special love and attention. We need someone who not only has a passion for beer but someone who is self motivated, pays attention to detail, and someone we can stand to work with. This is a full-time position requiring open availability, heavy lifting, stocking, cleaning, cash register experience, one-on-one communication, and variety of other duties.

If you feel you could be a fit, please email me (lukasliquorbeer@gmail.com
with your resume or stop by the store and ask for Nic or James.

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