Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Beer: Thursday August 2, 2012

Shelton Brothers, a Birthday Beer, and a splash of hope.
Be warned, fall seasonals and gourd full of pumpkin beers are closing in on the horizon.

GABF tickets are SOLD OUT!!!!

Thank you Ticketmaster.
I'm sure you can find plenty of them for above asking price 
on any street corner and any aftermarket online ticket outlets.

12oz Six-Pack  5.10%  Belgian-Style Wit w/Satsumas

750ml  6.00%  Cider

330ml Single  10.20%  Belgian-Style Dark Strong

500ml Single  8.50%  Imperial Wheat Stout

12oz Six-Pack  6.60%  Oktoberfest

500ml Single  7.50%  Oatmeal Stout w/Coffee

12oz Twelve-Pack  6.00%  Amber/Red Ale
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

12oz Six-Pack  5.70%  American Pale Ale

11.2oz Single  10.00%  Belgian Strong Ale

330ml Flip-Top Single  8.00%  Sour/Wild w/Pinot Noir Wort
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

Trois Dames - Sainte Ni Touche (New/Limited - 9 bottles)
750ml Single  9.00%  Sour/Wild 
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

Special Releases: Saturday August 4 at 2:00 p.m.

22oz Single  11.00%  Imperial Porter w/Chocolate, Daglet Dates, and Mission Figs
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Mikkeller - 1000 IBU (New/Limited)
375ml Single  9.60%  American-Style Imperial India Pale Ale

22oz Single  8.00%  Imperial Brown Ale w/Cocoa Nibs, Cinnamon, and Vanilla
RateBeer: [not listed]  BeerAdvocate: [not listed]

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