Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Beer: Thursday April 17, 2014

"Drunken recall. I gave my subjects massive quantities of alcohol and then I taught them things while they were blacked out. When they woke up the next morning, they couldn't remember anything. But when I got them drunk again, they remembered everything that I taught them the night before. I got it published."

Single 22oz Bottle  7.10%  Barrel-Aged French-Style Saison
RateBeer: [not listed]

Single 750ml Bottle  9.04%  Belgian-Style Tripel
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]

Six-Pack 12oz Bottles  10.00%  Imperial India Pale Ale

Four-Pack 16oz Cans  5.00%  Blonde Ale

Twelve/Six-Pack 12oz Cans/Bottles  5.00%  American Craft Lager

Six-Pack 12oz Cans  5.20%  American Craft Lager

Six-Pack 12oz Bottles  5.20%  Blonde Ale


Six-Pack 12oz Bottles  5.50%  Cider

No Special Releases this week.