Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weekly Beer Update: Thursday May 21, 2015

While it's not a loaded list this week, it's still a tasty list. Enjoy the weekend!

Single 750ml Bottle  7.00%  Foudre-Aged Saison w/Grapefruit Peel, Peppercorns and Fresh Grapefruit Juice
RateBeer: 99  Saison

Four-Pack 12oz Bottles  9.10%  Imperial Saison
RateBeer: 82  Saison

Six-Pack 12oz Bottles  6.00%  Pale Ale
RateBeer: 94  American Pale Ale

Single 22oz Bottle  9.20%  Imperial India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 97  Imperial IPA

Single 375ml Bottle  5.50%  Sour Ale w/Blueberries
RateBeer: 99  Sour/Wild Ale

Single 22oz Bottle  11.50%  Imperial Porter w/Doughnuts
RateBeer: 100  Imperial Porter

Single 750ml Bottle  4.20%  Berliner Weisse w/Raspberries
RateBeer: 86  Berliner Weisse

Single 22oz Bottle  6.60%  India Pale Ale w/Lemon Zest
RateBeer: 71  India Pale Ale

Odd 13 (CO) - Doctor Cougar (New/Year-Round)
Six-Pack 12oz Cans  5.10%  Saison w/Brettanomyces
RateBeer: 63  Saison

Odd 13 (CO) - Eric the Red (New/Year-Round)
Four-Pack 16oz Cans  7.10%  India Red Ale
RateBeer: requires more ratings

Four-Pack 16oz Cans  9.20%  Imperial India Pale Ale
RateBeer: requires more ratings

Single 22oz Bottle  7.20%  India-Style Saison w/Brettanomyces
RateBeer: requires more ratings

Four-Pack 12oz Cans  8.50%  Imperial India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 79  Imperial IPA

Single 750ml Bottle  7.60%  Barrel-Aged Sour Rye Ale
RateBeer: 99  Sour/Wild Ale

Single 750ml Bottle  8.60%  Belgian-Style Golden Ale w/Thai Basil
RateBeer: 95  Abbey Tripel

Six-Pack 12oz Cans  6.10%  Rye Saison

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