Friday, April 21, 2017

BEER BLOG 4/20/17

6pc 12oz Cans 6.4% Experimental Ipa
Ratebeer:        Untapped: 3.9

22oz Single Bottle 5.6% Peanut Butter & Jelly Porter
Ratebeer:      Untapped: 3.9

500ml Single Bottle 5.2% Unfiltered Lager 
Ratebeer:     Untapped: 3.7

500ml Single Bottle 4.9% Helles Lager 
Ratebeer:    Untapped; 3.6

500ml Single Bottle 5.4% Crystal-Clear Wheat Beer
Ratebeer: 82   Untapped: 3.7

6pk 12oz Cans 4.8% Blackberry Gose 
Ratebeer: 83    Untapped: 3.7

Crooked Stave/Omnipollo Brewing Co. (CO) - Bianca Raspberry W.W.B. (New/Limited)
375ml Single Bottle 6.0% Wild Ale W/Raspberries, Lactose
Ratebeer:     Untapped: 4.3

Crooked Stave Brewing Co. (CO) - L'Brett D' Cherry (New/Limited)
750ml Single Bottle 5.5% Golden Sour Ale W/Colorado Cherries
Ratebeer: 96   Untapped: 

750ml Single Bottle 5.6% Biere De Mars 
Ratebeer:     Untapped: 3.7

500ml Single Bottle 14.0% Barleywine Aged In Whiskey/ Pinot Noir Barrels
Ratebeer:    Untapped: 4.3


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