Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Beer: The Reset/GABF Sessions (in short form)

Session 2: L through S

LoverBeer - BeerBera [Vintage '11] (New/Limited)
375ml Single  8.00%  Sour/Wild Ale

LoverBeer - BeerBrugna [Vintage '11] (New/Limited)
375ml Single  6.20%  Sour/Wild Ale
RateBeer: 95  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

LoverBeer - Madamin [Vintage '11] (New/Limited)
330ml Single  6.20%  Sour/Wild Ale

Magic Hat - #9 (New/Year-Round)
12oz Six/Twelve-Pack Bottles/Cans  5.10%  Fruit Beer

Magic Hat - Heart of Darkness (New/Seasonal)
12oz Six-Pack  5.70%  Sweet Stout

Marble - India Pale Ale (New Package/Year-Round)
12oz Six-Pack Cans  6.20%  India Pale Ale

Odell - Isolation Ale (Seasonal)
12oz Six-Pack  6.10%  English Strong Ale

Oskar Blues - TenFidy (Seasonal)
12oz Four-Pack Cans  10.50%  Imperial Stout

Paradox - [Bandeau Artiste Trip Project] American-Belgo Blond Ale (New/Limited)
750ml Flip-Top Single  7.90%  French Oak Barrel Aged American-Belgo Blond Ale
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

Paradox - [Paradixe Nines Project] American-Belgo I.P.A. (New/Limited)
750ml Flip-Top Single  6.90%  Frech Oak Barrel Aged "American-Belgo India Pale Ale"
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

Paradox - [Candid Kaiser Project] American Pale Ale (New/Limited)
750ml Flip-Top Single  6.00%  American Oak Barrel Aged American Pale Ale
RateBeer: [requires more ratings]  BeerAdvocate: [requires more ratings]

Rogue - [Chatoe Rogue] First Growth Pumpkin Patch Ale (New/Limited)
750ml Single  5.60%  Gourd Ale

Rogue - Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale (Occasional)
750ml Single  6.50%  Smoke Ale

Samuel Smith - Winter Welcome Ale (Seasonal)
12oz Four-Pack/16.9oz Single  6.00%  English Strong Ale

Session 3 (This Weeks' New) and Session 4 (The Attic Releases) come out on Thursday Oct. 18.

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