Wednesday, October 10, 2012

News on GABF "Attic Releases"

Sorry for all the delays and lack of information.

We have done an entire reset on our cooler and made our "Bomb Shelter" larger. With all the moving and rearranging we have lost track of time. Our plan was to release a good deal of stuff the week before Great American Beer Festival and some this week. We have some things dropping today and tomorrow and further this week. The real "gems" will be available next week. We promise to keep you informed on these aged tasty treats release times and dates. We love you locals and want to keep You happy. Not the out-of-town GABF goers. Please keep track on our Facebook page of things going out this week.

We have a ton of new Six-packs, Bombers, Singles, Seasonals, New Beers... too much to completely list. We just recommend you come in here.  

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