Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekly Beer Update: Saturday, January 31, 2014

News: We brought on two new breweries for the state this week; Helm's Brewing Co. and The Traveler Beer Co.. 

Helm's Brewing Co. was founded in 2012 in San Diego, California. This small community based brewery holds strong to it's maritime heritage. Hailing from San Diego they produce some fantastic hop forward beers and experimental brews.

Started in 2012 under the House of Shandy name, The Traveler Beer Co. is a Boston Beer Co. subsidiary with a focus on Shandy styles beers. Light wheat beers infused with Lemon, Grapefruit and other varieties of fruit. Beers perfect for the porch or any time you are looking for a citrus forward refreshing beer.

Single 22oz Bottle  6.66%  Red Ale
RateBeer: 98 Amber Ale

Anchor - Saison (New/Seasonal- Now-May)
Six-Pack 12oz Bottles  7.20%  Saison w/Lemongrass, Lemon Peel and Ginger
RateBeer: 55 Saison

Single 500ml Bottle  10.50%  Barleywine
RateBeer: 76  Barley wine

Single 750ml Bottle  8.40%  Imperial Porter w/Vanilla and Cinnamon
RateBeer: 91 Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer

Single 22oz Bottle  9.40%  Belgian-Style Golden w/Brettanomyces
RateBeer: 98 Sour/Wild Ale

Fremont - Select 77 (New/Seasonal)
Six-Pack 12oz Cans  4.00%  Session India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 93  Session IPA

Helm's - Beeruccino (New/Year-Round)
Single 22oz Bottle  7.20%  Porter w/Coffee
RateBeer: 78  Porter

Helm's - Wicked as Sin (New/Year-Round)
Single 22oz Bottle  6.60%  Rye India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 59  India Pale Ale

Single 750ml Bottle  11.00%  Imperial Stout
RateBeer: 100  Imperial Stout

Single 500ml Bottle  14.10%  Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine
RateBeer: 100  Barley wine

Prost - Altbier (New- Year-Round)
Six-Pack 12oz Bottles  5.00%  German-Style Pale Ale
RateBeer: 51  Altbier

Ritterguts - Gose (New/Year-Round)
Single 500ml Bottle  4.20%  Gose
RateBeer: 94  Grodziskie/Gose/Lichtenhainer

Single 22oz Bottle  12.70%  Whiskey Barrel-Aged Belgian-Style Quadrupel
RateBeer: 86  Abt/Quadrupel

Single 750ml Bottle  8.70%  Imperial Stout w/Chocolate
RateBeer: 100  Imperial Stout

Four-Pack 12oz Bottles  9.60%  Barleywine
RateBeer: 99  Barley wine

Six-Pack 12oz Bottles  6.20%  India Pale Ale w/Distilled Hop Oil
RateBeer; 91  India Pale Ale

[Boston Beer Co.] The Traveler Beer Co. - Curious Traveler (New/Year-Round)
Six-Pack 12oz Bottles  4.40%  Lemon Shandy
RateBeer: 26  Fruit Beer/Raddler

[Boston Beer Co.] The Traveler Beer Co. - Forbidden Traveler (New/Seasonal)
Six-Pack 12oz Bottles  4.40%  Wheat Ale w/Apple
RateBeer: requires more ratings

[Boston Beer Co.] The Traveler Beer Co. - Illusive Traveler (New/Year-Round)
Six-Pack 12oz Bottles  4.40%  Grapefruit Shandy
RateBeer: 27  Fruit/Herb/Vegetable

Single 22oz Bottle  7.10%  India Pale Ale w/Agave Nectar
RateBeer: 60  India Pale Ale

Single 22oz Bottle  9.50%  Imperial Porter
RateBeer: 97  Imperial/Strong Porter

Single 22oz Bottle  4.20%  Lichtenhainer (Smoked Sour Wheat)
RateBeer: 82  Grodziskie/Gose/Lichtenhainer

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