Thursday, April 2, 2015

Weekly Beer Update for March 30 - April 4

We love Colorado.

6-Pack 12oz Cans  4.50%  American Lager
RateBeer: 43  Dortmunder/Helles

12-Pack 12oz Variety Bottles  4-Sculpin, 4-Wahoo White, 4-Pale Ale
Buyers Notes: This might just be the greatest variety pack ever (just add Grapefruit).
Might want to ask our beer guys if there is some fruit variation of Sculpin laying around our cooler.

Blue Moon - White IPA (New/Year-Round)
6-Pack 12oz Bottles  5.90%  White India Pale Ale
RateBeer: requires more ratings

Boulevard - Spring Belle (New/Seasonal)
6-Pack 12oz Bottles  6.20%  Saison w/Chamomile, Rose Pedals, Elderflower
RateBeer: 59  Saison

Bull & Bush - 4.0 GPA (Seasonal/Limited)
Single 500ml Bottle  4.00%  Pale Ale w/Grapefruit
RateBeer: 49  Fruit Beer/Radler

12-Pack 12oz Cans ??? Citrus Radler
RateBeer: not listed

6-Pack 12oz Cans  6.70%  India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 58  India Pale Ale

Crooked Stave - Serenata Notturna (New/Limited)
Single 375ml Bottle  12.00%  Foudre-Aged Belgian-Style Golden Sour Ale
RateBeer: requires more ratings

Single 500ml Bottle  11.64%  Cognac Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
RateBeer: 75  Imperial Stout

Single 500ml Bottle  11.50%  Wild Barrel-Aged Belgian-Style Quadrupel
RateBeer: requires more ratings

Destihl - Tripel (New/Limited)
Single 500ml Bottle  11.00%  Belgian-Style Tripel
RateBeer: 44  Abbey Tripel

Single 750ml Bottle  10.00%  Belgian-Style Golden w/Blackberries and Blueberries
RateBeer: 87  Fruit Beer/Radler

30-Pack 12oz Cans  ???%  Pale Lager
RateBeer: 1 Pale Lager

Port Brewing - Hop 15 (Seasonal/Limited)
Single 22oz Bottle  10.00%  Imperial India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 100  Imperial/Double IPA

River North - Farmhouse (New/Year-Round)
4-Pack 16oz Cans  4.60%  Farmhouse
RateBeer: not listed

4-Pack 16.9oz Cans  4.70%  English Bitter
RateBeer: 45  Premium Bitter/ESB

Single 375ml Bottle  13.00%  Rum Barrel-Aged Strong Ale w/Spices
RateBeer: requires more ratings

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