Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weekly Beer Update: Thursday April 30, 2015 (With Special Releases)

 We have been overloaded with new products this week. Check out this list!

Single 12oz Bottle  12.50%  Bourbon Barrel-Aged English-Style Barleywine
RateBeer: 98  Barley wine

Single 22oz Bottle  8.50%  Belgian-Style Golden Ale w/Valencia Oranges and Orange Blossom Honey
RateBeer: 84  Belgian Strong Ale

Single 500ml Bottle  7.10%  Doppelbock
RateBeer: 99  Doppelbock

Single 12oz Bottle  5.50%  Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel-Aged Sour Ale
RateBeer: requires more ratings

Single 12oz Bottle  9.70%  Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sour Ale w/Cherries
RateBeer: requires more ratings

6-Pack 12oz Bottles  6.00%  Blended Tequila Staves-Aged Lager
RateBeer: 4  Malt Liquor

6-Pack 12oz Cans  4.10%  German-Style Radler w/Ginger and Lemon
RateBeer: 89  Fruit Beer/Radler

6-Pack 12oz Cans  6.20%  India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 90  India Pale Ale

6-Pack 12oz Cans  4.30%  Session India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 93  Session IPA

Boulevard (MO) - Unfiltered Wheat (New Package/Year-Round)
6-Pack 12oz Cans  4.40%  Unfiltered American Wheat
RateBeer: 46  Wheat Ale

6-Pack 12oz Bottles  5.20%  Pale Ale
RateBeer: 60  American Pale Ale

6-Pack 12oz Bottles  5.00%  Dry-Hopped Golden Ale
RateBeer: 38  Golden / Blonde Ale

Single 16.9oz Bottle  9.00%  Imperial India Pale Ale
RateBeer: require more ratings

- Sin Frontera (New/Limited)
Single 375ml Bottle  5.69%  Sherry Barrel-Aged Wild Ale
RateBeer: requires more ratings

Single 22oz Bottle  5.20%  Lager w/Limes and Kaffir Lime Leaves
RateBeer: not listed

4-Pack 12oz Botles  7.80%  Imperial India Pale Ale w/Mango
RateBeer: 68  Imperial/Double IPA

4-Pack 16oz Cans  4.50%  Session India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 94  Session IPA

Single 22oz Bottle  4.00%  Gose w/Eucalyptus 
RateBeer: 94  Grodziskie/Gose/Lichtenhainer

6-Pack 11.2oz  7.20%  Maibock
RateBeer: 84  Heller Bock

Single 22oz Bottle  12.00%  High West Rye Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/Coffee
RateBeer: 99  Imperial Stout

Single 11.2oz Bottle  11.20%  Imperial Stout w/Marshmallows and Tahitian Vanilla Beans
RateBeer: 94  Imperial Stout

Single 750ml Bottle  8.50%  Imperial Saison w/Brettanomyces
RateBeer: 93  Belgian Strong Ale


Argus Cidery (TX) - Tepache (New/Year-Round)
Single 750ml Bottle  7.20%  Spontaneously Fermented Pineapple "Wine"
RateBeer:  requires more ratings

Special Releases: Saturday May 2, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

Special Release beers will be made available for purchase at 3:00 on Saturday May 2, 2015,
 One bottle per customer until sold out.

Single 375ml Bottle  10.00%  Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel-Aged Sour Ale w/Black Currents
RateBeer: 100  Sour/Wild Ale

Single 500ml Bottle  8.00%  Imperial India Pale Ale
RateBeer: 100  India Pale Ale

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